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We are Tommy de Bruijn and Sam van ’t Oever, and while before we were just best friends living in The Hague, we’re now also known as 'De Naakte Ontwerpers'. Our first project, Resonate, originated from our intense love of music.

Resonate has been realised with aid
from the Municipality of The Hague

Thank you The Hague

That moment when you’re alone, in the dark, wearing headphones, losing yourself in a new track by your favourite artist. Or when you’re at a concert and you’re enveloped by an almost tangible wall of sound: these experiences are extremely important to us, and with Resonate, we try to capture the intensity of these moments, and to transform it into something unique.

The project consists of two inherently connected elements. The first of these is the suit. This custom-built wearable contains ten transducers*, four on the front and six on the back, positioned in such a way that certain frequencies end up in the places of the body where they are most impactful. We recorded custom-mode compositions of vibrations befitting the music we use, that play into the transducers’ placement on the body. The suit was designed in collaboration with fashion collective Das Leben am Haverkamp.

A kind of speaker that transform any surface they’re attached to into a vibrating element. We use these because they’re amazing at turning sound into tangible vibrations.

Apart from the suit, the other element of Resonate is the Pavilion. This pavilion contains five Resonate suits, hanging in complete darkness. By eliminating other stimuli, we allow the user to be completely engulfed in the music experience. The pavilion was designed in collaboration with architect Bob de Rijk.

Resonate has won several prizes, including but not limited to: Departmental prize Interactive/Media/Design, KABK The Hague, 2014 | Grant for Major Creative Talent, Municipality of The Hague, 2014 | Public’s Choice Award Media Art Friesland, 2014

Resonate has been experienced at the following locations: Big Improvement Day, Scheveningen, 2014 | Media Art Festival, Friesland, 2014 | Night of Art and Knowledge, Leiden, 2015 | Todaysart, The Hague, 2015

Resonate was partially realised with aid of the Municipality of The Hague, thank you to all involved! Our house style as been developed by Jelle Koper of papa, a design studio for visual communication, and our photographs were taken by photographer Nick van Tiem.